iHelp+ Backup Assist

iHelp+® is a brand of products provided by iHelpPlusApps that aims to help empower individuals in their day to day lives. 

iHelp+® Backup Assist is a smart phone application that will allow for emergency personal (Police, Fire and EMS) to request backup assistance with a touch of a button. The information ( name, location and phone number ) will be sent to the iHelpPlusApps server which in turn will directed to the operation center specified during initial setup.   This is a great way to get some backup without further aggravating the situation. 

Now available in iTunes coming soon to the Android platform.

This application will be available on iTunes for $0.99 with a $0.99 monthly charge or $9.90 for a year long subscription.  Special pricing available for counties or other groups purchasing the application as a group purchase.  Available for iPhone June 2012 and Android July 2012.