iHelp+® is a brand of products provided by iHelpPlusApps that aims to help empower individuals in their day to day lives. 

iHelp+® is a smart phone application that will allow for users to alert a family member or a friend with the touch of the screen.  The user will have the ability to create an audible alert, silent alert or even a delayed alert when you are wanting to make sure someone knows you should have arrived at a location and did not due to an unforseen incident.  When an alert is triggered the application will provide your contact with life saving information ( your location and a phone number for the closest Public Service Access Point - PSAP).  iHelp+® will also allow you to store your medical information within the smart phone and be able to share this with first responders incase of an emergency, there is a handy flashlight button when you may need a little extra light.  With 4 quick contact links you will also be able to reach out to your friends, family or care givers quickly all at the touch of a button. 

Now available in iTunes and Google Play Store for Android.